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Fleurier Quality Foundation

Press release

For nearly ten years, the Fleurier Quality Foundation has been making its mark in the area of watchmaking certification thanks to its stringent criteria and the rigour with which they are applied: to the point that specialised journalists have called this certification "the most comprehensive and difficult test in the entire watchmaking industry".

Launched by the brands Chopard, Parmigiani Fleurier, Vaucher Manufacture Fleurier and Bovet Fleurier, the Fleurier Quality Foundation has created a tool that is absolutely unique. Carried out on the watch as it will be delivered to the final client, the certification stands out not only thanks to its pertinence but also to its creditability, since it is verified by an independent technical committee.

To date, the criteria for obtaining the Fleurier Quality label numbered four, guaranteeing:

1) Precision, by the submission of each piece to the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC);
2) Durability and reliability, by means of the Chronofiable© tests;
3) Precision while wearing, by a 24-hour test on the Fleuritest simulator, specially developed for the Foundation;
4) Technical and aesthetic quality, by means of validation to ensure that these aspects correspond to the requirements of haute horlogerie.

The Council of the Foundation has decided to add a fifth criterion to the existing four, i.e.:

5) Manufactured 100% in Switzerland.

This guarantees that all the operations: the concept, manufacture, assembly, and the control of the watch head and its components, have been carried out in Switzerland, with the exception of non-tooled materials.

In addition to placing the official seal and the text Qualité Fleurier, the timepieces that have obtained this certification may also bear wording to indicate that the watch is entirely manufactured in Switzerland or manufactured 100% in Switzerland.

For the final client, this will constitute the guarantee that he is acquiring a timepiece of extremely high quality, and of which all the components have been worked on by craftsmen and supervisors working in Switzerland, the cradle of this noble industry.

Fleurier, 26 June 2012