Fleurier Quality Foundation

Haute horlogerie quality certification

FQF, The first qualitative horological certification for finished watches, Manufactured 100% in Switzerland

Concepts and terms such as haute horlogerie, high-end, precious, luxury or prestige watches are neither strictly defined nor universally accepted within the watchmaking world.

Admittedly, various watchmaking criteria to inform or reassure the final customer do exist, and some of them are defined and applied with suitable rigour. As yet, however, none of them meets all the expectations that a customer is entitled to have when spending a considerable amount on purchasing an exceptional timepiece.

This situation sometimes arouses a certain degree of confusion among customers. It may even prove an obstacle to the recognition of quality watchmaking to which we have always been so strongly attached, in this land of time-honoured watchmaking traditions.

Based on this situation, the Fleurier Quality Foundation has set itself the ambitious task of uniting, within a single certification a series of exclusive demands in order to assure the final customers that they are purchasing a watch that features:

  • 100% manufactured in Switzerland,

  • reliable precision in all circumstances,

  • tested reliability and poven durability,

  • exclusive aesthetic quality of finish.