Fleurier Quality

Fleurier Quality Foundation

The first qualitative horological certification for finished watches

The Fleurier Quality Foundation certification meets a normative requirement for the market and the final customer to have a better definition of quality watchmaking, adapted to today's demands and technological advances.

Created on 5 June 2001, the Fleurier Quality Foundation stems from a joint project undertaken by the Chopard, Parmigiani Fleurier and Bovet Fleurier brands, as well as the Vaucher Manufacture Fleurier, to establish new aesthetic and technical criteria dedicated to the certification of finished watches.

As an autonomous and independent structure, it draws its legitimacy from the active participation of public authorities, including the Swiss Federal Government (SECO), the Canton of Neuchâtel, the Municipality of Val-de-Travers, the Val-de-Travers Regional Association, and the Philippe Jéquier Foundation.

The principles :

Representing the first certification to be open to all swiss producers of mechanical fine watchmaking, the certification encompasses a set of demands that ensure the final customer of precision in all circumstances, tested robustness and durability, as well an exclusive aesthetic quality of finish.

The goals of the Fleurier Quality Foundation are thus to establish criteria for technical and aesthetic watch construction; to issue an attestation of quality in the form of a written certificate and a logo placed on the timepiece; and to contribute, as far as its means permit, to training in the field of haute horlogerie.

The procedure for obtaining this certification, conducted in an objective manner by the Technical Committee, which is independent of the participating brands, is subject to precise conditions:

- Manufactured 100% in Switzerland
- The movement must be COSC-certified
- The movement must have passed the CHRONOFIABLE test
- The movement must attain an exclusive aesthetic quality of finish
- The rating of the finished watch must be vouched for by the FLEURITEST machine

Adapted to contemporary standards of efficiency and profitability, the tests take place in Fleurier, in the premises of the Foundation, but may be delocalised in any other place that has been given prior authorisation by the Foundation, since geographical constraints are not part of the criteria for obtaining this certification (NB: the computer data as well as the movement kit must imperatively remain in Fleurier).

When testing is complete and if successful, a certificate is issued for each watch tested, mentioning the numbers of its case and movement. The logo is placed on the movement and on an element of the watch exterior, if desired.

Future developments of the Fleurier Quality Foundation certification :

Keeping step with the technological progress inherent to our era, the criteria governing the Fleurier Quality Foundation certification may be revised on the basis of a proposal by the Technical Committee or by the Foundation Council, but any modification is imperatively subject to a double majority decision from both bodies.

Open to the participation of new watch brands or Manufactures, obtaining the certification requires payment of a fee of SFr 10,000 per year and of SFr 45 per certified watch. Each new brand or Manufacture has the possibility of delegating a technician to serve among the assessors consulted by the Technical Committee.