Fleurier Quality Foundation

Haute horlogerie quality certification

Manufactured 100% in Switzerland

1. Control criteria

The requirements for "Manufactured 100% in Switzerland" concern only the watch head, with the exclusion of the bracelet and clasp.

The watch head is considered as consisting of three parts: the case, the display, and the complete movement with its casing ring.

The origin of the materials can be chosen at will, but they must be processed in Switzerland. The processing of materials into semi-finished advanced products (cut out, stamped or formed movement blanks) and into finished products must be carried out on Swiss soil, with the exception of rolling, drawing, and wire drawing.

The different types of treatment, decoration and finishing that are applied to the components (heat treatments, electroplating, metallisation, PVD, CVD, chamfering, polishing, satin-finishing, circular graining, etc.) must also be carried out in Switzerland, as is the case for jewel-setting.

The concept, the construction and the prototypes of the watch head must be carried out in Switzerland.

The various stages of the assembly after the final transformation of the materials, pre-fitting, fitting, fitting the escapement, adjusting, finishing, assembly, casing and the final controls must be carried out in Switzerland.

2. Derogations

The location in which the design is created is left to the appreciation of the brands. Certain procedures or treatments may not be available in Switzerland. In such cases, the group of experts who handle this subject must be notified. The cutting of precious stones may be carried out in countries other than Switzerland.

3. Control procedure

The applicant must provide the group of experts with a duly completed control protocol, indicating – for the case, the display and the movement – the location in which each operation and manufacturing process for each component took place, including the identify of possible suppliers and subcontractors. On request by the group of experts, proof must be provided (delivery note, certificate of origin, etc.). The applicant must also be available for possible audits carried out at its manufacturing site and those of its sub-contractors.