Fleurier Quality Foundation

Haute horlogerie quality certification

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When I buy a “Fleurier Quality” certified watch, what document will I receive attesting this certification?

Each watch receives a certificate attesting that it has successfully passed the tests. This certificate carries the brand name, the model, the case number as well as the movement number.

What if my certificate gets lost or damaged?

In case of loss, you may request a duplicate from the brand that made the Fleurier Quality certified watch. This certificate will bear the inscription “duplicate”. If your certificate is damaged, you will need to lodge a request with the brand. You will nonetheless need to return the old certificate on which the case number or the movement must be identifiable. The brand will then provide you with a new certificate (without the inscription “duplicate”).

Why are watches tested on the Fleuritest machine also submitted to the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC)?

The Fleurier Quality certification, involving the highest demands in terms of craftsmanship, is based on the complementary nature of these tests. The Fleuritest verifies the accuracy of the watch in a dynamic manner by simulating real-life wear over a 24-hour period and involves testing the watch in its final form. The COSC works with tests performed in static mode over a 15-day period and at different temperatures, on the non cased-up movement. Combining these two control procedures guarantees incomparable precision.

How long does the Foundation keep the test results?

The results are digitally archived for an indefinite period of time. The Foundation keeps a series file containing the results of the tests and the numbering of the models bearing the quality seal.

What information can I get from the Foundation regarding the test results of a certified watch?

The Foundation cannot communicate the test results to purchasers. The results of the tests conducted may be consulted exclusively by the company of which the watches have been certified in compliance with the Fleurier Quality procedure.

Can a watch be tested on the Fleuritest simulator independently of the certification process?

No, each watch that undergoes the Fleuritest simulator control must first have passed all the other tests. The certification is based on five inseparably linked conditions (manufactured 100% in Switzerland, aesthetic criteria, COSC test, Chronofiable test, Fleuritest wear simulation test) guaranteeing the excellence of Fleurier Quality certified watches.