Fleurier Quality

Fleurier Quality Foundation

The running of the finished watch must pass the Fleuritest

The watch, in its final form, undergoes a last test on the Fleuritest machine.

A 24-hour operating test is conducted on the machine, which recreates the movements of a nycthemeral cycle, alternating between active or extremely active phases (sport, etc.) and calmer ones. Variations in rate are analysed by means of an image capture system using digital cameras.

Fully computerised, the machine observes the time just as the future wearer will do, but in an extremely precise way. The precision of the watch must fall within the range of 0 to +5 seconds per day.

At the end of the test, if the watch has passed, a certificate is issued for each watch, specifying the number on the movement and the case.

The watch is then entitled to the certification "FQF, La Haute Horlogerie certifiée".