Fleurier Quality

Fleurier Quality Foundation

The validation criteria

The certification procedure conducted by the Technical Committee comprises five stages of testing, making it possible to determine whether the timepiece meets the established criteria.

1 - Manufactured 100% in Switzerland

This guarantees that all the operations: the concept, manufacture, assembly, and the control of the watch head and its components, have been carried out in Switzerland, with the exception of non-tooled materials.

2 - Validation of the technical and aesthetic criteria

In order to perform controls of the technical and aesthetic criteria, the applicant deposits the movement of the watch to be certified, presented in a kit, at the offices of the Foundation. The plate, the bridges, the complete barrel, the oscillating weight, the wheels, the profile-turned or profiled-turned and cut parts, as well as the shaped parts, are set aside and submitted to a visual examination at a distance of 30 cm, and then under the no. 3 microscope setting.

The main aesthetic criteria:

Decoration must be visible on the maximum thickness of the mainplate or on the visible part of the bridge, by a selective process of the zone to be decorated, as well in the main recesses. The parts must not have any rough sharp angles and the countersinks must be polished. No burrs must be visible and the functional zones of the steel parts must be polished. The screw-heads must be flat and polished, chamfered on the slot and around the rim. The shaped parts must be chamfered and polished, if possible with strokes drawn out with a file.


Movements submitted for Fleurier Quality Foundation certification must have passed the CHRONOFIABLE test which comprises several stages:

An ageing cycle, test cycles designed to measure the pull-and-push forces on the stem, the pushbuttons and on the rotating bezel if there is one; tests on reactions to magnetic fields, shock-resistance tests using a heavy pendulum or striker, except for complications, as well as several water-resistance tests.
NB: The following number of watch heads are required to be submitted to the CHRONOFIABLE tests: 5 units (if the model is produced in a series of 1 to 100); 10 units (from 101 to 200 units); 20 units (over 201 units).

4 - The COSC test

100% of movements submitted for Fleurier Quality Foundation certification must have successfully passed the test.


This machine, specially invented at the time of establishing the Fleurier Quality Foundation certification, is used to perform the last stage of control: the regularity of rating of the movement, once cased up within the watch in its final form. A positive result in this test ensures future owners of the high aesthetic and technical quality of their watch.

A 24-hour operating test is conducted on the machine. The originality of its procedure lies in the computer-driven simulation of conditions in which the watch will be worn. Depending on the programming, the Fleuritest machine is capable of reproducing the activities of a man or woman in all possible types of activity, making it possible to alternate between active, highly active and calm phases (e.g. sport, a typical working day, etc…).

Variations in rate are analysed using a digital camera image acquisition system. The precision of the movement rating must fall within the range of 0 to +5 seconds per day.

At the end of the test, if the watch has passed, a certificate is delivered for each watch head. The watch is then entitled to the certification "FQF La Haute Horlogerie certifiée".

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