Fleurier Quality Foundation

Haute horlogerie quality certification

Rules for obtaining the FQF Quality seal

The "QUALITE FLEURIER" quality label applies to mechanical watches and finished watches, whether or not these form part of an item of jewellery, that are produced in series in Switzerland.

To be awarded the "QUALITE FLEURIER" quality label, a watch must have passed the following stages of control:

1) All operations involved in the design, manufacture, assembly and quality control of the watch head and its components must be carried out in Switzerland, with the exception of raw materials.

2) The watch head must comply with the quality standards issued by the Foundation and defined in the section “Definition of technical and aesthetic criteria”, which can be viewed at the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property, at the Foundation's registered office, and on its website: www.fqf.ch. The case must bear an individual number. When the certification has been carried out on an unfinished model, the finished parts must undergo specific testing, namely, the "Certification process for finished watch heads” at the Laboratoire Dubois SA ;

3) The movement must have passed the Swiss Official Chronometer Control test (hereinafter COSC), be issued with a certificate to confirm this, and must be numbered;

4) Its reliability must be tested by means of a Chronofiable® ageing test carried out at the Dubois SA laboratory in La Chaux-de-Fonds, and confirmed by a certificate issued by the aforementioned company. The costs of this process are borne by the applicant;

5) The watch in its final form must have passed the 24-hour test programme on the Fleuritest simulator, in accordance with the criteria defined in the section “Final control on the Fleuritest simulator”.


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